10 Things Women Who Have Given Birth Need You to Know
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John Stevenson once said giving birth is an ecstatic jubilant adventure not available to males. A survey has claimed that at every 90 seconds one woman dies from a pregnancy or childbirth complication.

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  1. Delivery dates can be shifted

Delivery dates are just the expectations. It all depends on the deadline of the human. Nine months are a long time but if you are giving birth to your child a little earlier or later than there is nothing to fear about. Only 5 percent of ladies give birth on the due dates so don’t panic.

  1. Empty stomach creates more pain

One should have something before going for epidural or giving birth. It can give you energy during your labour. It is fact that one should eat something before going to the hospital.

  1. Birth should not be given in laying position

The delivery should be done in the standing position. This will give the gravity a chance to work. It will make it easier for you to deliver and get rid of pain soon.

  1. No pain no gain

When a child is given birth the mother feels like the breakage of all of her 206 bones. So get ready for it.

  1. Pregnancy is a gift of the lord which makes a girl, a complete woman

A lady is complete when she has given birth to a child. Nothing can be thought of it. It’s the amazing nature blessings which are loved by every lady.

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  1. The first instant is hard to believe

When the baby is in the arms of the mother, that moment can never be explained. It is like the most beautiful gift of a husband to her wife. It doesn’t matter how you look in the first picture with your baby, it will always be memorable.

  1. Music should be your best friend

During the pregnancy, mood swings are way too normal. Music can create a great bond between your child and you.

  1. There is no C-section option

If your doctor says that by C-section, you will feel less pain then mind it, he is just making your fool. There is no option which can give you less pain. Pregnancy does need pain, harsh but bitter truth.

  1. Whole body transition will be seen by you

You will gain a lot of weight and skin in your body. Scars can also be seen so you should not think a lot about it, just go with the flow.

  1. Stress should be kept aside

Stress creates the gain in the blood pressure which will make your baby unhealthy. One should not think a lot and should relax during pregnancy.

At the end we will wind up by saying being a mother is learning about strengths, you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears, you didn’t know existed.

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