A Quick Guide for The Basketball Lovers
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NBA fans worldwide are lined up to play fantasy basketball with the start of the NBA season underway. Season-long fantasy leagues and daily NBA fantasy contests include the two most common formats being used… Each format requires a different approach, which gives players of all skill levels a little bit of something.

Fantasy sports leagues have been run for years now to benefit executives who want to control their squad over the rigors of a whole season. While most leagues are played for fun, certain league commissioners will schedule leagues with an entry fee and prize money being distributed at the end of the season. Let us have a look at some points to help you play NBA fantasy basketball.

The beginning of the process

With an ordered draught, the process begins. The most common draught format is the traditional “snake-draft” in which a random draw decides the player’s draught position. The draught positions could be determined for the returning keeper leagues by the manager’s location in the previous season. Auction draughts have grown in popularity over the past few years. With this format, each manager is given a bankroll, which is used until their roster is complete to bid on players. If you want to earn additional money then you must look for playing fantasy basketball for money and enjoy your passion.

Each manager is required in both formats to draught a full team of players based on the league’s setup configuration. There are as many as ten starting roster slots and bench players in most leagues. Managers can make player movements on either a regular or weekly basis, depending on the league’s rules. League rules decide to score, and, every week, the game is head-to-head. The teams with the best overall head off into the end of the season, usually spanning the last 3 weeks of NBA  season.

Access to all tournaments

Popular fantasy platforms offer access to regular tournaments for managers who want their action quick and furious with cash on the line. These regular contests are described on the website in a variety of formats. With a smaller group of managers ranging from 2 to 25 candidates, managers may opt to play heat-to-head. These contests are typically planned and posted by one of the contestants, who then opens the entry process to any contestant who wants to participate based on the contest setup. The entry fees range from $5 per competitor up to $1,000. Although some competitions are winner-taking, contests with more than ten entrants can offer small consolation prizes. The fantasy sports platform will pay a fee (usually 10 percent) for all tournaments to cover operating costs plus income.

A fixed format to be followed

Supported contests supplied by the website are the other common format. These competitions typically have thousands of entrants for a relatively small entry fee with large guaranteed prize packages in the offering. The greater the interest in these competitions, the higher the number of paying places. Big cash prizes, consumer items, or special event gift packages may be included in the gift packages where something like a Super Bowl weekend could be on the line. Managers will earn a free entrance fee many times by winning smaller satellite competitions along the way.

The website contains the contest rules and scoring criteria. A salary cap value will be allocated to each player that has been scheduled for playing the game on the particular night. Obviously, the stronger the player, the greater the value. PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, and UTIL players are typically part of the team structure.

The best ones in the league

Now that you have a general understanding of how fantasy basketball can be played, it’s time to join the fray. You need to note that many managers have a considerable amount of experience if you want to participate in regular competitions, which could put you at a disadvantage. The bottom line is that you can never put more cash than you can afford to lose on the line.

More and more, people are starting to see the importance of playing fantasy basketball matches. However, one match-up scenario, THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS, stands out as one that must be exploited at all costs.

The Warriors are by far the league’s WORST defensive unit. It is incredible how nice they are to make this year look fantastic for everybody. This is a can’t miss match-up that should be exploited any time you see Golden State as an opponent of one of your fantasy basketball players that your eyes can light up.

You want to know that you have a team that’s fun to watch when it comes to fantasy basketball. The NBA has a long season, and you will probably be in trouble if you don’t have a good plan going into your draught.

Keep your luck in your favour

Luck, of course, has a role in fantasy sports, but by making a good draught, you want to improve your chances of doing well. Here are some suggestions that should be followed.

Blocks and assists are the hardest states to get anyone good at. There are a few players who do exceptionally well with any of these things. Lebron James is the only one who does both.

For the record, if the first pick is yours, you pick Lebron James. No doubt about this. If you’ve got a second choice and he is open somehow congratulations.

Know your players

Yet you want to go back to reality after someone who blocks or gets a lot of assists. Most definitely, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo will be the top two available point guards, and either one is a great option. They are also top 5 in assists and robberies. Steals are difficult to come by as well.

Dwight Howard is king when it comes to bricks. For the past three seasons, the guy has led the league in blocks. However, Dwight’s free throw percentage is brutal, so before drafting him, you might want to think twice. Gerald Wallace, who gets a rare mix of blocks and threes, will be another successful choice.

Rebounds are also a very important statistic to take into consideration. Looking for a decent rebounder who also has a high free throw percentage is a smart idea. This is not that popular, and the definition is fulfilled by guys like Brook Lopez and Pau Gasol.

Finally, turnovers are a sly stat, which can add up quickly. Be careful to draw someone like Steven Jackson or Brandon Jennings who scores a lot but gives up a tonne of the ball.

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