Best 3 Progressive Web Apps Rising in Technological World
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If you are well aware of technological progressiveness these days then you might have noticed about millions of websites running on the internet. The popularity of websites is making a necessary aspect to spread business through applications, that can be installed and used by smart gadgets. Apps are meant for such reason to explore the e-commerce marketing, this is a sort positive perspective as the trading strategy to expand business and trade globally in microseconds.

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According to a survey India is now leading using web apps by 80%. Whether the number of internet usage in India has rose to 45 to 50 million people. And internet traffic of the world has rose to 52%.

The ideas of creating Web Apps or mobile Apps than a website, these days is considered as a necessary need of time. To present customers with relevant information in the handy technological world is the best way to coordinate among users. Heavy loading of websites often takes too much time which is not an excellent deed in the fast-moving world that’s what a simple and quick result with time efficiency is only possible with smart apps on smartphones.

Earlier, when the internet was the latest concept in business marketing, a creation of the website was made for successful growth that holds, SEO and other tab links for the fast growth of business in the web world. But if talk about today’s era where technology is getting smarter each day, the perfect process of a business now depends on the usage of small and low memory applications.

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According to businessofapps statistics total mobile apps downloads in 2017 is 197 billion. And according Statista statistics this figure will be raise to 352.9 billion app downloads in 2021. Where Facebook ranked top with worldwide download over 140 million monthly.

Web apps are now predicted as a success tool to fasten the growth of trade. Business on apps is quite good and easy to access by the user because it takes low GB data usage, little memory, save time with possible answers to users input questions. In fact, the struggling point was also arisen in staring up at such apps for business owners because around the world some people were using iOS developed gadgets and some were holding Android-based smartphones.

The benefits of Progressive Web Apps(PWAs) is not only enjoyed by users in friction of seconds but swoop up the growth rate of trading. Global growth of marketing and trading gives users best concept of connectivity with the world which sustains the progress of modernity.

Below we have just mentioned few of most popular PWAs companies who are globally used by millions of people and are highly rated business growing. Big business firms who are expanding their business roots through PWAs are:


This is one of the most popular sites which need no introduction. This website is used for various purposes from news updates to even chatting socialization. Each sector, every sphere of the world today is easily captured on Twitter and users can get all happening of the world within seconds. In the demand for quick happening updates worldwide, this website has designed their time efficient application. In the year 2017, Twitter introduced their PWAs referred as Twitter Lite.
Until now Twitter has got 330 million monthly active users under it. With more and more users this microblogging site is more popular among user through mobile app not with the heavy website. This PWA launched by Twitter is quite storage efficient, it just needs 3% of device storage in Android gadgets. This is the ultra amazing application which leads more amazing features of tweet updates, more loading of pages and more swift running.


The super business and trading website which has already conquered the world of the e-commerce market in more than 22 nation. The company holds data of 488 million active users who are purchasing and doing sale through this particular website. With heaving loading of many categories and products, the official website is quite heavy. With loading of numerous of sale-purchase deals and offers often the website server becomes slow or either takes a lot of time to load.

Later this web business site launched their official application named as Alibaba app but people were still not comfortable and faced issues in downloading. So, the big trading firm decided to launch its PWA which leads to the one-click solution in less time. The efficient access by users with PWA gave desirable results worldwide. The business strategy of Alibaba has now 76 percentage better conversation rate worldwide more than 14% growth by active users on both the platforms that is IOS and Android.


One of the domestic shopping site which comes as first choice among Indians who are like fond to shop online. Flipkart still lacks behind in many services but somehow have launched Flipkart app light to compete with other e-commerce websites worldwide.
The new updates are done my Flipkart firm has increased 70% of higher connection ratio, 40% or more new users which has profited the company in recent years with great success. Now there are only 10 million active users in Flipkart.

Web applications are not bound by the track and trace of directions but also have captured the world of food, grocery, new, songs, health and much more. Almost every daily sphere solution is now easily available with a perfect application.

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