Best Press Release Format & Distribution Practices for 2021
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Writing a press release is a daunting task. But once you’re through that, the real challenge begins.

Distributing it to all the mediums. After all, what good is a press release that does not disseminate its information to the audience?

Aside from the writing of a press release, distribution is equally critical and requires the best of one’s abilities. For best press release distribution practices, you need to follow a few steps that can turn your simple press release into an efficient marketing device. 

The best press release distribution practices are not difficult. Rather they require attention, effort and most of all, a basic-know-how of best press release distribution practices.

After the writing part, the distribution part requires the most ingenuity on the writer’s part and could be the difference between an aborted press release distribution practice or a successful press release marketing campaign.

That is how important best press release distribution practices are.

Below are a few descriptions of best press release distribution practices.

1. Writing a Proper Press Release

The first step to ensure best press release distribution would be to pen the best press release itself. As mentioned beforehand, writing would be the first step in a long process of distributing the press release to relevant sites.

What needs to be done when writing a press release? For starters, best press release distribution practices include creativity and an approach that makes your press release unique than the rest around it.

Creativity is key and with this tool at hand, your press release can boast high acceptance rates and exposure all over the internet.

Furthermore, making a creative press release can also ensure that journalists do not ignore or shoot it down, instead, they take it as an asset for their newspaper or publication and make sure it gets good visibility.

In short, the best press release distribution requires creativity from the writer’s part.

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2. Identify and Target the Audience

Your press release will have an identified market for it to be distributed. This is the same market where your press release will work its magic, where your product or service will be utilised and your release will interact with people the most.

So, it would stand to logic to write a press release that addresses the target audience only. This part is critical because once it gets to the audience after being distributed, it’s up to the release itself to make the audience read and understand it.

After being distributed, there’s not much that can be done to the press release itself, so, your greatest ally post-distribution would be the release itself and more specifically, the language you’ve used.

Therefore, try to write the press release with a tone and vocab set that can be easily understood and is generally accepted within that market audience. Otherwise, you could end up alienating the very audience which is supposed to interact with your release, all because of the language.

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3. Using Social Media as a Catalyst

Your press release can also benefit greatly from an injection of support from social media sites. Best press release distribution methods derive a great deal of their channels from social media sites. To put it bluntly, the press release that has been routed to major news houses and media outlets will do their job, but seeing as the majority of the world now depends on social media platforms for just about anything (from news to buying or selling), press releases can then be complemented by a social media campaign that supplements the release and does the marketing for it on the internet.

It acts as a catalyst since the press release on its own does its job, but just to cover the digital side of things, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit can be used to further amplify the effect of the press release.

It is imperative to mention here that more and more services are now implementing plans like these to further increase their social media footprint.

4. Enlist Bloggers, Influencers

To further aid the press release distribution process, it is advisable to enlist the help of several mid-level bloggers or influencers to mention the release in their offerings or to simply endorse them. This would help with social media outreach and would ultimately complement the press release’s digital marketing side.

Also, it can further open up new markets for the press releases, considering that the recent phenomenon of the rise of influencers has taken a considerable effect on how press releases and social media marketing works in general. Influencers basically utilize a social media platform and then build a following that amounts to hundreds of thousands (even millions) of online personas. Such exposure can only mean more coverage for your press release.

5. Finally, Getting a Press Release Distribution Service

The final part of a best press release distribution practice would be to get a press release distribution service on board. These services, guarantee a specific outreach of the press release per price point and have onboard an assortment of tools to make sure the press release actually makes it to that many views.

For example, a press release distribution service might use Google News and RSS feeds to make sure that the identified audience is receiving the press release and is interacting with it. Similarly, it also uses analytical tools and software to gauge the reaction and subsequently allow for a press release to be edited to cater to a certain demand.

These services give you the most coverage at the price point and can actually help enormously with the exposure of a new press release. For best press release distribution practices, there is nothing better than hiring a release distribution site.

In short, these best press release distribution practices can get the press release the kind of exposure it needs, both in the print and social media to make sure whatever you’re marketing gets the coverage it needs.

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