Candy Cane Day Celebrated on 26 December – Perfect Treat for HOLIDAYS

It may look like the handle of an umbrella but I can assure you that it’s not. There is a short story behind it but interesting.

Very few people remember this day because they consider it as a part of Christmas. According to German folklore, candy cane was first made in 17 century when a choirmaster finds a way to keep kids quiet during long Christmas eve..


Peppermint flavoured candy was really famous that day but he added some twist in it represent own religious symbol with it.


He requested to shape the candy as J, which stands for Jesus. Now you get it? It’s not a handle of the umbrella.

Those colour on candy does also have a significant meaning of it. He also requested for sticks to be white and red. Where white represents the sinless pure life of Jesus and red represents the blood of Jesus when he was crucified.

Although there is no solid evidence of it. But you can still enjoy it and must spread this knowledge with others to remember this day.

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