How to get Google AdSense Approval – Strategic and Proven Way
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It won’t be wrong to say that blogs are an accurate and reliable source of knowing the ground reality of any matter. It is the reason why most of us spend time reading them. On the other side, many people like to share information and experiences through writing blogs. In fact, blogging these days have become an excellent way to make money online. Believe it or not, people are getting hundreds of dollars every month paid through the ads posted on their blog. As a result, a large chunk of people is taking blogging as a profession and not just a hobby.

For that matter, if you are also looking forward to penning down blogs or if you are already a blogger and want to earn decently through it, then you must approach Google AdSense without any delay. I’m sure you must be knowing about Google AdSense. Let’s see how Google AdSense works toward monetizing a blog.

Earning through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising program run exclusively by Google. There are several web pages and blogs out their approved by Google AdSense. As soon as you open up these web pages and blogs, lots of ads out on the screen. These ads are in the form of image, text, and video. The location, size, style, and type of ads are the matter of publisher choice, and the verified publisher can select from varied options. After choosing the size and location of the ad post, you merely have to embed the HTML code provided by the advertiser. After inserting the code, the ad will start appearing in that specific location of your page. Moreover, Google showcases a maximum of three ads on a single page. Also, the ads will appear whether you open the blog on mobile or desktop.    

Google earns a large part of its revenue from AdSense that it shares with the publishers. Whenever a visitor clicks on these ads to view it, the advertiser pays a certain amount to Google which it divides with the publisher. It is earning per click (EPC) and cost per click (CPC) method.  Here you should note that the visitor does not have to buy the product. With the mere click on these ads, will adds to the earning of the blogger.

While, you are scratching your head, to know what per cent of earning will you get if your blog is AdSense approved then needless to worry as it will give you the best deal. Google AdSense handover 68% of what it earns from the advertiser to the publisher. It only keeps 32% of that earning with itself. Furthermore, a verified publisher will receive the payment every month via cheque that will get delivered to your address or online transfer. For obtaining the money, your earned amount should be above $100 for a particular month, or the amount will get added to the next month earning.

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How to Get approval from Google AdSense

By far Google AdSense is the most reliable advertising program that also offers the highest CTR to its publishers. However, the biggest hurdle is the first step itself that is getting Google AdSense approval. It is indeed not a cakewalk but a tough nut to crack. Out of so many applications, Google accepts only a few from the list. Still, there are some easy to do steps that will raise your chances of getting approval. If you are serious about blogging, these steps are not hard to carry out so you must do them well. Let’s now look at these steps. 

Include essential pages in your blogs

Whether you are a newbie or blogging since a while, you must include specific pages in the blog before you apply for AdSense approval. These pages include about us page, contact us page and privacy policy pages. All these pages make your blog appear professional to the viewers and provide the relevant as well as accurate information regarding your blog. You must mention all the essential details on the contact information page. The list contains your email address and link to all your social media accounts. You can even add your contact number and address to the list if you wish to add. 

In the About us page, describe your blog objective, what it will serve your visitors and how they will get benefitted from it. The about us page mark a robust foundation of the blogger’s relation with the visitor. In addition to it, the privacy policy page will further gain visitor trust by showcasing your seriousness towards blogging. As a blogger, you must pay attention to what you are writing and how you are presenting these pages. It will put your excellent impression on Google AdSense.

Take your contents more seriously

Your content has the power of making your blogging success in every sense. Be it getting more visitors or getting approval from AdSense. Always scrutinize your content before giving it a green signal to your blog. It should be exclusive and quality-rich every time. If you pen down a boring article with just copying information from some other blog, Google will reject your proposal without giving it a second thought. Everything of the content be it is the presentation, language, word count, grammatical correctness counts. Furthermore, it would be better if you compose the article in English for high viewership.

Another quite an important thing that matters in getting approved is your content category. That means the content you are posting must not enclose some violent, hatred, pornography and prohibited stuff. It includes the image or the videos as well that you use in your content. They should also free from the copyright act. Google has a strict policy against such type of material and will never accept these blogs under its advertisement program. Usually, Google accepts blogs on internet marketing, law, education, business development and other such blog types for advertisement purpose. 

Look at these minimum content and blog age requirements

Well, here I am talking about how recent or old is your blog. Usually, a blog should be at least two or three months old to get approval. However, there is some exception to this rule. Some bloggers got approval even when they are only ten or fifteen days old. But this is not a usual occurring.

Also, before sending the request for Google AdSense make sure that your blog contains a minimum of 40 articles in them. The presentation of these articles should be well with title, subtitle, images and must have enough word count. By large you should post above 600 words articles.

Have an attractive and user-friendly blog design

Along with posting quality content, your blog design also has a vital role in getting you Google advertisement. A professional blog or website looks appealing and therefore attract a large number of visitors. To get the real manifestation of the blog you should carefully select the theme, text style and colour. Do not install such themes that take too long in loading. It will affect the usability of the blog as the user will immediately move on to some other blog. While selecting the colours do not employ louder colours in the background and central theme. Most of the shades of blue or grey go well with all kind of blogs

The blogger should keep its focus on simplifying the blog navigation. Such a blog places the link button on all the critical pages right on the home page. With such a design, a visitor can easily navigate your entire blog without wasting any time. Needless to say, that visitor like such blogs more and keep visiting them. In that case, the advertisement posted by Google is more likely to get clicks.

Go for standard hosting and custom Domain name

When selecting the hosting services, bloggers often pick the free hosting service. Free web hosting program don’t actively support the blog the way paid hosting services. As a result, the advertising request for a blog with free hosting gets rejected by Google. It is a piece of advice to all the bloggers to use paid hosting service if you eagerly want AdSense approval. 

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Your domain name marks your first impression in front of Google so you should not ignore it while selecting it. A custom domain name, .org, .in appears more professional and so has higher chances of getting AdSense confirmation. Your domain name should always be relevant to your blog apart from being unique and captivating. Never use the too long, weird and irrelevant domain name associated with the free hosting program.

So make sure you have chosen the right niche for your blog

Verifying your email and age

After Domain name, you should look after the email through which you are applying. It would be better if the email you frame includes your business name and not just your name for a professional approach. Moreover, it should be the same email that you have on the contact us page. Google will verify your contact info at the time of approving to check any spamming activity.   

At the time of applying for the Google AdSense program, you must check if you are above 18 years of age or not. It is needed to make an account on AdSense. You might face the difficulty in receiving the payment if you do not fulfil this criterion.

Checking and boosting your blog traffic

It is again an important thing that makes a difference. Of course, the blogs that drive more visitors to it advertises are more likely to associate with them. The reason is apparent as these blogs are a perfect place to display your ads so that more and more people can view it. According to the traffic source on your blog, Google will post its ads. So, they can expect and will get more click than the one with fewer visitors. For that matter, you should try boosting your traffic using digital marketing techniques. Learn a few simple search engine optimization techniques to raise your page rank in the search list and thereby to get more viewership.

Utilising Google Analytics and Webmasters tools


To track your visitors, you can employ Google Analytics as well as the Webmasters tool. It’s simple to generate Google Analytics code for each page of your blog. After entering the code, you can view the number of visitors on each page. Similarly, you can add your website URL to Google Webmasters which again analyses your visitor response. It will assist in enhancing the blog performance and removing any fault which hinders its performance.

Final words

When applying for AdSense approval, it is necessary to check that you are not monetizing your blog from any other advertisement company. So, if you are thinking to monetize from Google, make sure you end the previous agreement with other advertising companies. Getting an advertisement from Google is now not a far cry for those who put their best efforts in accomplishing these steps. The given steps will surely make your way a lot easier in getting Google AdSense approval. Be genuine and do take the Google terms and conditions sincerely.

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