International Migrants Day – Theme of International Migrants Day
  1. According to the global commission on international migration report, international migrant’s number has increased from 75 to 200 million in the past 30 years.
  2. There are almost 272 million migrants in the whole world, which is equal to 3.5% of the world.
  3. Germany has the most refugees in 2020. Almost 1,191,000.
  4. Surprisingly 52% of 26 million refugees were under the age of 18.    
  5. Do you know the great migration of history? Great Atlantic migration from Europe to North America.
  6. The highest number of refugees come from Syria.
  7. In 2000 the first immigration report was published by IOM.
  8. Full form of IOM is the International Organization for Migration.
  9. 52% of the total migration population were male and 48% were female.
  10. The largest number of migrants living abroad come from India 17.5 million.
  11. Top destination country is the United States 50.7 million.
  12. The number of child refugees are approximately 13 million.
  13. Turkey has registered as a host of the largest amount of refugees from Syria. 3.6 million.
  14. According to the International labour organization in 2014, there were almost 232 million working migrants worldwide.
  15. According to 2016 global survey, Sweden is the best country to be an economic immigrant.
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The main motto of this international migrants day is making the voice of migrants to be heard.

As a normal human being, it’s not easy to understand the feelings to leave own house, own country especially forcefully and without knowing the future of it. Great respect to Asian migrant organization who marked 18 December as a day to recognise those people, and the protection of their rights.

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