Lily Flower Picture & Lily Flower Mobile Wallpaper Images

Lily is the second best-selling flower after Daisy Flower. Mostly because of their large, bright flower petal lilies are suitable for all kinds of gardens.

There is no denying that this flower is the best gift for your loved one. But if you want to decorate your garden with lilies, I promise that this flower can change the look of your garden.

Then find out first the kind of lilies there are.. These summer-flowering bulbs are based on 9 different categories of botanists and are classified by their genetics and growth history.

BY placing this large family of trees in these categories, both professional horticulturists and home gardeners can learn how a particular type of lily blooms, when it blooms, and under what circumstances it bears fruit.

Each of these 9 types of lilies has a variety of different floral colours to choose from for your different garden bed. Lily is one of my favourite flowers, especially water lily. That’s why I love to add lily flower images on my mobile screen wallpaper.

In summer these 8 types of lilies can be best to decorate your garden.

  1. Asiatic lilies
  2. Oriental lilies
  3. Trumpet lilies
  4. Orienpet lilies
  5. LA hybrid lilies
  6. Turk’s Cap lilies
  7. Canada lilies
  8. Longiflorium lilies

Make sure you collect the plants from well known nursery.

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