Modern Tapestries for Wall Hanging: 3X Cheap than Costly Paints!
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Of course! Indian wall tapestries are gaining their market scope and preferences each day for the usage of wall/ home decor more than costly paints. This is because of its affordability and the product is eco-friendly. 

Currently, the high-end costly paints are losing their offer of sales as many of them couldn’t afford it. Using expensive paints can provide only a singular colour in a very limited spectrum of finishes. The hectic job of painting your walls is that you have to retouch and repaint them more often or once in 4 years to get that appealing look of your house all the time. And most importantly, paints that are smooth and shiny will contain volatile organic compounds [VOCs] which are very harmful to both human and living beings. The usage of hippie wall tapestries not only saves you from all these hazards but also give your home a first-rated look with no efforts. Our Indian Wall Tapestries are handly and are affordable to everyone. Instead of spending so many dollars to paint your walls, you can easily prefer to soft, breathable, pleasing patterns of cotton tapestries of vibrant colours to design your home.

Indian Wall Tapestries at home is the most ideal and the most interesting way for your home furnishing. Wall tapestries are not only used for decoration purposes but also for a better calming ambiance. The usage of  Wall Tapestries at your home can create a sense of peace, serenity, and a complete feeling. 


  • The occurrence of cracks on walls
  • Abrasion-the major problem
  • Requires high maintenance and high cost.
  • Multi-color walls require multi-charges.
  • Emits volatile organic compounds that are hazardous in nature.
  • Fading of the colors.
  • Innovative and calming designs require additional charges.
  • Few glossy paints are not environmentally friendly.

This Diwali why not remodelling your Kitchen?


Indian wall tapestries have the answer to all the deceptions of the costly paints. 

  • Protect your walls from abrasion resistance.
  • Tapestries always come under the ecofriendly products.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Affordable to everyone.
  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors.
  • Modern designs that are suitable for any ambiance.
  • Easy to carry and are machine washable.
  • Requires less effort to create the space you wanted to.
  • Available in multicolors for multiple usages.

A few of them are listed below for better tolerance.

Why not gift your loved ones personalized wall tapestries. This Diwali this would be a great gift idea..

Get Personalized Theme using Wall Tapestries:

For instance, if you are partying at home, you can choose the funky warm color tapestries to add life to the party space of your own choice. And in contrast, if you want to change your space to a meditation hall; No costly paints or nothing; just one cool color wall tapestry that will create a perfect ambiance for meditation.

Easy Home Decor-  Modern Wall Tapestries

Modern wall tapestries take only just 10 minutes to decorate your home. Using an easy velcro technique or using nails, one can design their houses by using them as,

  • A ceiling art
  • A windbreaker
  • As a headboard
  • Large table coverings
  • As beddings
  • As a throw blankets 
  • A warm insulator, and so on.

Indian Wall Tapestry – Your Peacemaker:

Modern wall tapestries of cool colors like green, blue, black, white, pink, and violet are generally associated with sweetness, quietness, contemplation, sadness, and rest. They have the quality of being calm and quiet. So, the screen-printed wall tapestries of cold colors are primarily preferred in using at personal rooms where you need your own space of peace, rest, and tranquility. You can set your peacemakers at the following places in your house like bedrooms, meditation halls, playing rooms, home libraries, working space, etc. 

Assets of Hippe Mandala Tapestries

Our tapestries are usually easy to carry as they are less than 400 – 700 grams. So, you just don’t have to worry about cleaning your tapestry and think them like a troublemaker.

Few other advantages are,

  • Saves your precious time and money.
  • No more costly paint charges
  • Wall tapestries benefit you to create your center space
  • As they are handy, they are used for travel.
  • Gives a modern look with No efforts

Find Wall Tapestries Online:

We at Yogashq offer a mixture of classic to modern sorts of high-end Hippie and Bohemian tapestries like Mandala tapestries, Nature tapestries, Indian God tapestries, and Music tapestries and with other neoteric yoga accessories to all the yoga and meditation learners, practitioners, and masters. You can find over 10000+ range of artisan-made products with high-grade quality. Choose one for your space that personifies your unique style and attitude.  This is our official site that is designed in a user-friendly way for easy shopping where you can find many shades and sizes of Indian hippie mandala tapestries. So what are you waiting for? Grab one or more tapestries for your home to create a variety of themes that are affordable with fewer efforts!

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