Top 12 Viral Funny Memes in India 2020 Rewind
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  • Post published:15/05/2021
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How it has started and how it has ended. 2020 you came up with heartbreaking news yet full of surprises. 

Almost glued me to my laptop, thanks to corona. But there are many things that still makes me laugh all this year is these..

These viral funny memes are so hilarious that I can’t stop laughing.

My plans vs 2020 – Did you make new year plans for 2020? How’s it now? I know I know we all did. But these awful changes made me addicted to the internet. Where people take the internet seriously to showoff their disappointment.

Is it a cake?/ Everything is cake – 2020 maybe pandemic for some part of the world while other part involved in turning corona into a cake. What’s in your hand? Is it a cake? Many great cake artists started creating some realistic cakes that are enough to amaze us and started trending on the internet.

Coffin Dance memes – Death may not be pleasant for many. But this video clip from Ghana helped us issue this pandemic warning. Warning to see yourself in this situation. And this sparked a series of memes to make you laugh in this situation.

Binod memes – Thanks to our slay points. Who knew a simple post would bring a tsunami to the internet world? From a meaningless comment to thousand hilarious memes.

‘Rasode mein kaun tha’ memes – This meme of the year award goes to Yashraj mukhate. Wo rashi thi based on Hindi serial- which inspired a huge number of memes and video on the internet.

TikTok ban – Can’t tell you how much I liked it. But keeping aside my personal experience, the government of India has announced to ban over 100 apps during this pandemic. But this announcement creates a huge war between two groups, one tiktokers and youtube. And memers always have waited for this kind of moments.

PUBG ban – As I said before, not only TikTok, over 100 Chinese apps were banned and pubg was the most popular one. But this was not the end, at that moment Akshay announced to launch his own India version of pubg – fau-g.

Monolith memes – In December 2020 several monoliths were found in different places on earth. And yes this also inspired many memers and photoshop battels on the internet.

Vibing cat meme – A dancing cat superimposed on other dancing videos goes viral on the internet.

Nature is healing – Corona has shown what an environmentalist could not do. Saved mother earth. Clean river, clean air. No pollution. But who knows this could create internet sensation one day.

Work from home – This is one of the major changes in our life where you will be happy to stay at home and work but after a few minutes, you will realize it’s more dangerous than jail. Yes, I can feel the pain.

Online Class of 2020 – One of the most pathetic but viral events this year. NO need to bunk your class any more bunk the internet that’s it…

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