What is VPN Server and Why It is Important? [Explained]
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  • Post published:10/05/2021
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Are you well aware of the benefits of using a VPN server? Virtual Private Network or VPN ensures a secure online connection of your computer/device to another computer/device. With an effective VPN, you can ensure your increased security and privacy online.

There is a misconception about VPNs that you can only use them when you are unable to access a blocked site because of your location or legalities related to your location. I used to think the same and never used a VPN for casual browsing. While reading about my Spectrum Internet Ultra that I have just subscribed to, I caught a very informative piece about the benefits of using a VPN. You need to know all that too!

At one point, people will begin considering VPNs as important as their internet connection.

Check out the reasons why using a VPN server is highly recommended.

Secure Browsing While Using a Public Wi-Fi

We all go out quite often. And while we are dining out, stopping for coffee, check into a hotel, or shopping around, we tend to use free public Wi-Fi available around. Using public Wi-Fi without a VPN could be a risky thing. Mainly because you are doing unencrypted browsing. And anyone can pick up unencrypted radio waves.

Since many devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi router, malware can easily travel from one device to another. You can even get into a phishing scam. If it asks some personal info in order to let you use the free Wi-Fi, this data can later be used to track you. Thus affecting your privacy.

With a VPN installed, you can overcome all these problems. You can use public Wi-Fi on your smartphone or laptop securely with a VPN.

Beat All the Location-Based Restrictions of Streaming

Do you know that streaming services like Netflix may hide some of the content based on your location? You may not be able to watch the US-versions of series if you are currently located in the UK. Location-based restrictions can be annoying. A VPN service can help you here.

Specifying a local server can help you change your location. VPNs have a good number of servers and you can choose to securely connect with any of them. They are based around the world and you can choose to connect with anyone of them. So, a computer in New Jersey can easily connect with a VPN server of Barcelona and watch the original Spanish version of La Casa De Papel (Money Heist).

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Save Money While Shopping Online

You may find it tricky but it is true that some online shopping sites and stores display a different price for the same article. The price is usually based on the country you are browsing from. Again, a location-based hack that can help you secure a better price. This is true for sites selling shoes, handbags, cars, and even hotel rooms.

If you take your time to switch to various VPN servers methodically and compare the prices, you can figure out the lowest price. It takes some time but it is worth it as long as it is saving hundreds of your hard-earned bucks!

Save Money on Flights

Surprisingly, airfares can also be cheaper if you buy from a different country. Using a VPN will help you here too. The departure and the destination remain the same, but you can change the country of booking using a different VPN server.

For instance, the price for a plane ticket booked using a Norwegian IP address was cheaper as compared to the price using a Malaysian IP. Given the escalating prices of airfares, it is only wise to invest some time in looking up an affordable ticket.

Encrypt Everything Automatically

It isn’t a fact from a cybercrime movie. VPN client on your mobile device or computer can actually encrypt all the data you exchange with any remote server or website. Any only activity you conduct will be automatically encrypted if your VPN is connected. VPN creates a secure and private tunnel for you and makes your data travel through it. Even government censors cannot access your browsing info.

The data is so secure that even if it is intercepted at some point, it will actually mean nothing to the hackers.

Ensure Online Anonymity and Better Privacy

VPN allows you to browse the internet anonymously. Being anonymous on the internet ensures better privacy and security. The VPN hides your personal IP address and changes it to its own server’s IP. This happens as soon as you connect to the VPN server. People will see that VPN Server’s IP address when they will. Figuring out your identity can be easier without a VPN because your IP address is based on your location.

For instance, governments, your ISPs, and the websites you are visiting can generally see all your online activities. With a VPN, all your online actions and activities can only trace the IP address that your VPN server projects. And that is not based on your location.

In addition, many VPN providers do not disclose or monitor your online activities via their servers. This increases your anonymity on the internet and you cannot be traced or identified through your hidden IP address.

Enhance Online Gaming Speeds

If you are an online gaming enthusiast and you hate the interruptions and lags in the game, you should try gaming with a VPN. In many instances, the ISPs throttle the speed to give better speeds to some other area. This is not fair and you can overcome it by using a VPN.

I’m a gaming enthusiast. So to enhance the speed, my Spectrum internet support, the rep suggested I use VPN. Since then, I always use a VPN before I start playing a game. There are lesser lags and interruptions and the gaming experience is much smoother.

For you being an individual user, it may be easy to set up a VPN since you only have to download and install it. But it may not be easy for business users to set it up. For them, the whole process is quite complicated, especially if you need to set up the private network on your place of business. It will affect all the device in use on your business. That will add more complexity to the overall network connectivity.

So check with a VPN company, and see if they can help simplify it for you. However, you may still need to have a team for network management.

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